Who Is National Internet Tax Services?

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Let us take a few minutes to introduce ourselves. We are:


Here some quick points:

  • We’re a small CPA firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas.
  • We have a very niche segment of the income tax world of CPAs and tax preparers.
  • We negotiate with IRS for people who owe federal income taxes that they cannot completely pay.


Our typical client has been notified by his/her employers that the payroll department has received a Notice of Levy on Wages from the IRS. This means that the person will now receive all future paychecks that will have up to 80% of the usual payments taken out of their checks and sent to IRS to satisfy his/her unpaid federal income taxes. Most of our clients have also not filed several years’ worth of tax returns, prompting the IRS to not release its stranglehold on those paychecks until all of the old tax returns are filed.

We have a passion for helping people with IRS tax levies. We have been in this specialized business and we strangely enjoy talking to IRS every day for our clients. We know and understand all of the IRS requirements to get these wage garnishments and bank levies released and we negotiate the lowest possible monthly payments for our clients.

But where did National Internet Tax Services all start?


tax-return-tax-negotiationBack in the early 1990s I had a friend who told me that she recently had her paycheck garnished by the IRS and she asked me if I could help her. I told her that I would see what I could do. I eventually called the IRS Practitioner Priority Service hotline that was reserved for professionals like me who had IRS Power of Attorney privileges for taxpayers. I discussed my friend’s dilemma with an IRS representative who patiently listened to me as I explained the problem. I discovered that since my friend owed over $25,000 in back taxes, it would be possible to work out an IRS tax negotiation so that she could make small and affordable monthly payments. My IRS representative explained how the deal would work, and soon my friend was on her way towards being debt free.

After helping my friend, we noticed something. We discovered that most people with significant tax problems are extremely reluctant to talk to IRS on their own.

So there we were just plugging away doing the regular tax preparation, and suddenly the game changed: The Internet happened. I knew it was going to change the face of business forever. So immediately I wanted to take advantage of it. The Internet gave us the ability to reach troubled taxpayers all over the country instead of just in our own city of Fort Worth.

What our company needed was a website – and quickly. 


computer-tan-negotiationsSo we had a website designed, and everyone agreed that it was going to be the best website on the “Internet”. Once I saw the site live, I thought it was the most stunning thing I ever saw. Looking back on it now it was pretty ugly, but it got the job done. Within three days of publishing our first website I was fielding phone calls from multiple new states. The diverse clients helped me hone my skills of negotiating with IRS by learning the lingo that all IRS representatives (reps) used across the country. By opening our doors to tax payers everywhere, we were able to not only become experts at handling ever-changing clientele, but also become experts at dealing with the IRS. These were the humble beginnings of National Internet Tax Services.


To this day people are still confused as to why we enjoy dealing with the IRS. For us, it has become a passion to help people better their relationship with the “Tax Man”. With the help of the internet, we have gone from a small business servicing statewide clients into a national business with clients from every state in the country. After all these years of talking to IRS reps every day we’ve come to understand and communicate with them in a positive way. We are proud to be the voices for people in need of tax help. Just call us the IRS Whisperers.


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