IRS Tax Levy and Federal Tax Levy help on all IRS Levy & IRS Wage Levy subjects

The IRS website states that a tax levy is the legal seizure of the delinquent taxpayer’s property to pay off unpaid federal income tax. Most often the IRS usually begins its collection action by taking money through many different ways. IRS representatives refer to this collection action in the following titles: an IRS levy or IRS wage garnishment or IRS tax levy bank levy or federal tax levy or IRS levy or tax levy garnishment. The result of this action is that IRS takes cash from the delinquent taxpayer and often he/she loses several pay checks; an automobile; a place to live.

Below are several short articles, one to a page, on various subject.

What is a Tax Levy or Federal Tax Levy? What should I do now?

An IRS Tax Levy or Federal Tax Levy occurs when the IRS actually takes money away from the taxpayer in order to pay for unpaid and delinquent federal income tax. Read the specifics about an IRS tax levy in this short article.

IRS Form CP 504 Notice of Intent to Levy. This is your final warning.

The IRS computer goes through a series of notices and warnings before it actually issuea an IRS tax levy or IRS wage levy (usually through the mail). This particular notice is their final warning. Read about this serious letter in this one minute article. See our detailed info page here.

Stop IRS Wage Levy before it happens. It can be done if done correctly.

Yes, it is possible to stop IRS Wage Levy before the IRS tax levy is delivered to your employer. But doing it correctly and to your best favor is difficult. Get some initial information here.

IRS Form 668W(ICS) Notice of Levy on Wages. They said it would happen.

IRS wage levy means business. The IRS tax levy and federal tax levy forms are delivered to a current employer. What happens now that an IRS levy has arrived? Kiss a large part of that paycheck goodbye. More bad news and here are some details.

IRS Levy or IRS Tax Levy leaves a very short pay check.

IRS levy notice or IRS wage levy papers require your employer to often take up to 60% of a pay check. Those forms can totally break a person or a family. Get the full details on this page.

IRS Wage Levy versus IRS Wage Levy Release. Who will win?

IRS Wage Levy Release can solve all your IRS levy and IRS tax levy problems. But getting that IRS Wage Levy Release is not easy to do. Read more here.

IRS Tax Levy and Federal Tax Levy can last how long?

Federal Tax Levy can last for years and years. Get the details and the possible solution here.

IRS Tax Levy and Federal Tax Levy solutions are at your fingertips!

Federal Tax Levy problems can be solved with our help. Call us and talk as long as you like and get some great IRS Tax Levy Release and IRS Wage Levy Release information.