An  IRS bank levy release for an IRS bank account levy contains this important info:

IRS bank levy release notice for IRS bank levy client

IRS bank levy release notice for a recent IRS bank levy client

At National Internet Tax Services, we understand that an IRS Bank Levy Release is extremely difficult to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service due to the logic the federal government applies to your money in the bank. Essentially, the funds you have in the bank at any given moment are designated by the IRS as “unneeded” since the money would have already been spent if it was actually “needed.” We don’t agree with these definitions of “needed” and “unneeded”, but the IRS doesn’t make its rules and regulations based upon our opinions. Even if you have pending transactions, like outstanding checks that have not cleared your checking account yet, the IRS can clean out all of your accounts (both checking and savings) without advance notice.

IRS levy bank account release – How can we help?


IRS levy bank account

An IRS bank levy can totally empty your bank accounts and leave you unable to pay your bills.

Our goal is to negotiate a release of your IRS bank levy. Our IRS representatives return all or part of the seized funds back into your bank account as quickly as possible. This will also prevent you from over drafting your account with other payments. The goal at this point in the process is two fold. First we restore the money that the IRS took to pay your tax debt. Second, we establish an  IRS Installment Agreement that prevents any further collection activity by the IRS against you. Your part of the deal is to faithfully make your monthly payments that we set up as part of the agreement between you and the IRS. Why let an IRS bank levy destroy your life? We can negotiate to get your IRS bank levy release. Take action NOW and contact us today!

IRS bank levy release rules are very strict. IRS representatives have the authority to mail or fax an IRS bank levy that all banks must honor. But they also have the authority to fax an IRS levy bank account release form to your bank. All released funds will be put back into your bank account.

Is an IRS Bank Garnishment more difficult to get released than an IRS Wage Levy?

An IRS Bank Account Levy is much more difficult to release than an IRS Wage Levy.

IRS bank levy release

An IRS bank levy can empty YOUR pouch, too. Your solution is an IRS bank levy release in 3 to 5 days.

Can we still get your IRS Bank Levy released? Absolutely! Bank levies tend to cause people to panic and an IRS bank levy is indeed quite severe. This is why the majority of people who call us after their accounts have been levied are in a high state of anxiety. If you are already a recipient of a bank levy, then none of this is news to you and all you’re looking for is help. That’s where we come in!

Unfortunately, you don’t know the particular IRS rules and regulations concerning IRS bank garnishment issues. Most people don’t have the time or the patience to educate themselves on these matters. They just want access to their bank accounts again.

We step in as your Power of Attorney for your IRS matters and represent you. We negotiate on your behalf with the knowledge to match IRS in the battle of wits to get your money back for you.

My Bank Account Levy – How did it happen in the first place?

An IRS Bank Levy is applied when you owe the IRS unpaid taxes and their initial efforts to contact you to resolve the balance have gone unanswered. You may have defaulted on making payments via an Installment Agreement on a previous balance without providing good reason to the IRS for actually defaulting on the payments. Perhaps you are delinquent in filing a previous year’s tax return. It may even be possible that the IRS does not have good contact information for you, especially your current address, in which this collection action may be taken after the legally required attempts to reach you are sent to an incorrect or old address. Whatever the reason, the IRS has now levied your bank account and you have no money to pay your bills.

IRS Levy on Bank Account – What are the rules?

The IRS has special rules that govern bank levies and their releases, which makes this process difficult to navigate through if you don’t know what you’re doing. These rules are similar to those that govern IRS Wage Levy Releases, but have additional requirements that must be met prior to a bank levy release being issued. Knowing all of the objections that the IRS may throw at you during the release negotiation process and being able to anticipate which ones will be used at any particular point is absolutely necessary to getting you the relief you are looking for. Time is of the essence since you only have 21 calendar days from the day your bank receives the levy notice before they send every penny you have to the IRS, so there’s no room for error.

You can certainly attempt to do this on your own. Unfortuately, obtaining an IRS Bank Levy Release is hard work and best left to the experts.

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1

The first thing you should do is to download our IRS Levy Release Package. The package contains several very important Client Information Sheets. These sheets give us all the information we need to properly and professionally represent you regarding your IRS tax matters. If you have questions or need more info about how to fill out these forms should contact us for our help.

Step 2

Client Information Sheets should be accurately completed. Then you should fax/email the Package to us along with a copy of your IRS Bank Levy Notice. We will then expedite our work for you. Remember that you can always email or call us with questions.

Step 3

Since you, the taxpayer, still have a role to play in this process, we will email you a set of special instructions to follow for the release of your bank account levy. Your responsibility will be to precisely follow our instructions. You must send to us the required information for the process to move forward. Our IRS representatives may not ask for all of the information you send us. However, our policy is to be prepared in the event that they do. Remember, you don’t have much time. It’s therefore important for us to have everything necessary to get your bank levy release. And don’t forget that we are only a phone call away.

Our IRS Bank Levy Release Fees 

Obtaining an IRS Bank Levy Release is specialized work that is very demanding and packed with pressure. As a result, we charge a flat fee of $1,295 for this service. To make this process easier on our clients, we break the total amount due into two payments. 

The first payment of $495 is due when you fax your information over to us and is non-refundable. The final payment of $800 is due only if we are successful in releasing your bank account levy. You should have the second payment ready as we work quickly to get your bank account levy released.

For more details on the fees for all of our service please see Our Fees.

IRS Bank Levy Release Limitations

If the IRS has taken at least $1,295 from your bank account we will take you on as a client. We encourage potential taxpayers to have had more than $1,500 levied by the IRS. If you have any questions about our fees or services, please feel free to contact us at any time.