We will get your IRS wage levy or your IRS bank levy or your IRS tax lien or your IRS wage garnishment released or you don’t pay us a dime! That’s our 100% money back guarantee!

If we are unsuccessful for ANY reason in providing you with an IRS Wage Levy Release, IRS Bank Levy Release, IRS Tax Lien Release, or IRS Wage Garnishment Release, then you will not pay us a single dime. Despite this guarantee, be ready to pay, because since 1990 we have never met an IRS Wage Levy we couldn’t get released.

How Successful Have You Been In The Past?

We have succeeded 100% of the time, so that’s why we are so confident in our ability to provide you with our services! Please note that we require full disclosure of the requested information in order to accomplish this. For example, we have had many clients omit requested information that we consider necessary for knowledgeable and informed representation when we discuss their tax matters with the IRS. This lack of full disclosure is not covered by our guarantee, but after advising our clients about needing this information, they have all provided it to us.

Will You Really Not Charge Me If The Release Doesn’t Go Through?

Anything that is under our control is covered by the guarantee. Lack of full disclosure or omitting documentation does not qualify, and we provide this warning in advance, so it should never surprise anyone. It is both counterproductive and embarrassing to have an IRS representative provide us with information that our client did not provide us when we asked for it. Remember, just because you give us full disclosure about your financial affairs doesn’t mean that we spill it all to the IRS.

We just don’t want the IRS to ambush us when we’re talking to them.

Forgetting a little bit of information is one thing. However, hiding information from us is completely different. Remember, we’re here to help you and we’re on your side. We work for you and not for the IRS. We do a great job of representing our clients (just read our testimonials), so there’s no reason for you to withhold information from us.