Our fees for IRS wage garnishment releases and all other services

At National Internet Tax Services, we want you to know our fee schedule in advance, unlike most of our competitors. Please review the information below to find out what we charge for all of our tax services. If you have any questions about our fees or anything else, please feel free to contact us during normal business hours and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

We Disclose All Of Our Fees Up Front!

Do the math. It doesn’t take an accountant to figure out that the IRS will take more from you over the next few paychecks than what we charge for our services. Don’t let the IRS railroad you into paying more than you can afford at a rate faster than you can keep up with.

The IRS Is Happy To Take Your Money. We’re Just As Happy To Stop Them

We have a passion for this work that is unequalled – we absolutely love what we do! Once you give us a call, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to hear it in our voices. We understand that receiving an IRS Wage Levy is a terrible experience and that’s why we focus our efforts on resolving these matters since your paycheck is how you feed your family and pay your bills. We want to help and be as accommodating as possible. However, we must be firm in our payment policies. Please honor our requirements for this highly important service and feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Payment Terms That Are Easy To Understand

In order to make sure there is as little confusion as possible, our payment policy is quite simple and firm. We post our fee schedule below so there will be no misunderstanding about our charges in advance.

50% Of The Total Balance Upfront To Begin The Work

We expect you to make this first payment on a Visa or MasterCard once we receive your Client Information Package. We will not begin our work until we receive this 50% payment and all the required information that is listed on the checklist in the package.

50% Of The Remaining Balance Once The Work Is Complete

This payment must be processed on a debit card or credit on the day your levy is released. Please keep in mind that we almost always release levies within 3 to 7 business days of our start date.

100% Of The Remaining Balance Once The Release Is Ready To Send To Payroll

Your balance should be paid when your levy release is ready to be faxed to your payroll department.

Forms Of Payment That We Accept

  1. Credit Cards/Debit Cards
  2. Money Orders/Cashiers’ Checks – we rarely do this because this process adds a few days to our timeframe for getting your release because we have to wait until we actually receive the payment.

We DO NOT accept personal or business checks because of the nature of the collection action against you. In most cases we charge less than other companies offering the same service, best of all we guarantee our work, and we get it done in less than a week (average turnaround time is 5 to 7 business days) and you get the peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a full paycheck on your next payday. Paying us is easier and a lot less expensive than paying the IRS. If the fees are not paid on time you risk having your released wage levy reversed. We charge a 50% down payment to begin the work, and we will not begin without this payment and all necessary documentation.

Wage Levy Release Fee Tiers

Tier 1 – Single Service Pricing: $1,195.00

For clients who have a single item to address. Select from one of these flagship services:

Tier 2 – Combination Service Pricing: $1,495.00

This is our most used fee tier. Two of the services below are often needed simultaneously, but we don’t charge you twice the price to get it done. You end up saving approximately $900.00 this way! After reviewing your case we will know which services you need:

Our Fees For Other Services We Provide


Specialized Tax Return Preparation – $250.00 for each tax year with a maximum cap of $1,195.00 for as many tax returns as you need

Most of our clients have not filed federal income tax returns for multiple years. Before the IRS will release a levy, a taxpayer must have filed at least his/her last 6 tax returns. We will do the following:

  • Coordinate with our IRS representatives and have them fax your income statements and other documents directly to us. This way you will not have to gather W-2s and 1099s and possibly miss something.
  • Prepare your tax returns in a matter of hours – There’s no time to waste!
  • Submit your returns via fax to you for your review and required signatures.
  • Have you fax back to us just the signature pages since we have copies of everything else.

Additional Bonuses About This Process:

  • The IRS will accept from us the faxed tax returns with your signatures because of a special procedure reserved for a small group of tax professionals.
  • Your tax returns will then be immediately processed into the IRS Computer System rather than taking 6 to 8 weeks or longer if they are mailed.
  • This special procedure saves lots of time and hundred, possibly thousands, of dollars by allowing us to release your levy in a matter of DAYS!


 Prior Year Income Information From The IRS – $195.00 (flat fee for as many years as needed)

Most of our clients have not filed tax returns for several years. A lot of these clients also do not have copies of all of their W-2s, 1099s, and other income information from those prior years. In order to prepare accurate tax returns, we’ll need to verify a client’s income from all sources.

We do this by getting our IRS contacts to fax us reports that show us all of the income they have on file that was provided to them in the previous years. This way, we know we are reporting all of the income that the IRS is using to calculate your tax debt. By doing it this way, our clients will not be hit later with a notice of un-reported income and a subsequent increase in tax liability that might affect our previous negotiations.


IRS Penalty & Interest Calculations – $195.00 (flat fee for as many years as needed)

The IRS will add penalties and interest to every newly filed tax return and every prior tax balance. We require that you allow us to calculate these additional charges so that we can verify the IRS calculations rather than just blindly accepting their figures. Whether it’s just one year or ten, the fee is the same. And it’s more than worth it.


Tax Balances Over $90,000 & Cases That Are Controlled By An IRS Revenue Officer (RO) – $3,500.00 (for additional case management that requires a lot of extra work)

These cases can take an additional two to three months before we resolve your case and reach an agreement, so be prepared and be patient.

After discussing and reviewing such cases, we reserve the right to refuse them. If your total amount due to the IRS is over $90,000, your case has probably already been referred to a local IRS Field Office near you. Also, it has been or will be assigned to an IRS Revenue Officer (RO) for collection action. Your RO and his/her manager will be the only people at the IRS who can handle your case and make changes to it and/or take action on it. Contact must be made with your RO and all information to and from the RO will affect your account. Your RO will be the only person at the IRS who will be able to release your Wage Levy. These large balance cases are subject to special handling and reporting requirements. They also take significantly more time to release any levies and negotiate any final agreements.

These large balance cases are monitored and managed very rigorously by IRS ROs who have been specially trained to deal with these cases. Be prepared for additional time for us to negotiate your Wage Levy Release since the IRS ROs will require verification of more of your financial information than in other cases.

Your RO will require a Form 433A to be filed along with a lot of supporting documentation. It will be time consuming to discuss your case with your RO and for you to gather the required documentation, in addition to us putting all of it together into a presentable format for the RO with our own references and calculations.

Your RO will also be working a caseload inventory of dozens of high-maintenance cases in addition to yours. ROs spend a lot of time “in the field” visiting taxpayers and actually trying to track them down. They can be understandably demanding and quick to file wage and bank levies. They set deadlines and expect those deadlines to be met. You will have to be patient because these cases will take time.


High Income Earners With Annual Gross Income Over $100,000 – $995.00 (for additional case management)

If your combined annual gross income exceeds $100,000, you will be classified as a High-Income Earner. As a High-Income Earner, your case will be subject to additional IRS scrutiny and reporting requirements. Since these cases require more of our time, naturally we must charge more to manage them.


Wage Levy Prevention – $995.00

Many taxpayers contact us before their wages have even been levied by the IRS. This gives us time to prevent a wage levy from ever being filed, but still takes about the same amount of work and time as an actual Wage Levy Release. Responding to those annoying IRS notices early enough can help protect your paycheck and avoid unwanted embarrassment at work.


IRS Tax Lien Release – $495.00

The IRS policy is to file tax liens on most taxpayers because of how effective of a collection action it is. If you have an IRS Tax Lien and want to get it released, then please contact us. We will negotiate the release of your IRS Tax Lien and have the IRS send the required release documents to us, to you, and to your county courthouse. Keep in mind that IRS Tax Liens are different than IRS Wage Levies and will not take money from your paychecks.


24 Month Power of Attorney Services – $195.00

You will continue to receive correspondence from the IRS even after you respond. If you wish, we will remain as your Power of Attorneys (POA) for an additional 12 months to be able to act on your behalf regarding these matters. As your POAs, we will receive copies of every single piece of correspondence that the IRS sends to you. We will then be able to review all of the IRS letters and collection notices so that when you call us to discuss them we’ll be up to speed on everything. Additional services that are needed will be billed separately. If you do not choose this additional service, we will remove ourselves as your POAs thirty days after our work for you is completed. Clients who do not choose this option and later contact us with questions and concerns regarding IRS notices will be billed a minimum of $50 before we will discuss the notices. Most of our clients view this optional service as an insurance policy and tell us that it’s worth more than its fee just to have the peace of mind it gives them.