How long does IRS Hardship last? There is no definite answer.

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So exactly how long does IRS hardship last? “How long does IRS hardship last?” is a very good question. Do you want the long answer or the shorter version? Honestly, there is no perfect answer to the question,  Well, to start off, let’s take a look at a bit of the official IRS information about this tricky question. IRS says

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IRS Hardship – How do I qualify?

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Overview of IRS Hardship – How do I qualify? “IRS Hardship? How do I qualify?” This question is almost always asked when troubled taxpayers learn of the existence of this fantastic IRS status. Not everyone can qualify but those who do qualify for it love it. This IRS Collection Financial Standards Overview is merely that – an overview. For more

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Top 10 IRS tax problems and how to deal with them

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Here are the Top 10 IRS tax problems that we have encountered over the years Most CPAs and EAs have opinions about the Top 10 IRS tax problems they see on a day-to-day basis. Our business is highly specialized and focused on dealing with people all over the country who have IRS problems. We talk to IRS representatives every day,

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Dealing with the IRS

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Dealing with the IRS isn’t always pleasant. “We’re from the government and we’re here to help you.” Why does a statement that sounds like it is supposed to be reassuring give you the feeling of dread instead? It’s the same feeling you get when you’re checking your mail and see an envelope that has a return address to the US Treasury Department.

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Who Is National Internet Tax Services?

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Let us take a few minutes to introduce ourselves. We are: Here some quick points: We’re a small CPA firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas. We have a very niche segment of the income tax world of CPAs and tax preparers. We negotiate with IRS for people who owe federal income taxes that they cannot completely pay.   Our

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What you need to know about an IRS Tax Levy

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  IRS tax levies can be devastating to anyone in the country. They rarely, if ever, come at a good time. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Even those people who are able and disciplined enough to save money can be negatively affected by just a single IRS tax levy. Anytime a paycheck or bank account is garnished by the

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The IRS and Identity Theft

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So is the theft of personal information from the IRS really that big of an issue? Well, if you happen to be one of the 850,000 people in the US who has been affected by an IRS stolen identity during the last several years, according to IRS commissioner John Koskinen, then it would be very important to you. The IRS

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The IRS Has Changed its Offer in Compromise Program

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Back in 2012 the IRS gave a nickname to its Offer in Compromise Program. They wrapped it up in pretty paper and put some ribbons and a bow on it and called it their “Fresh Start Program.” It was kind of hokey but it actually was well-intentioned. Let’s call this Offer in Compromise Fresh Start Program their “OIC” Program. OIC

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