Dealing with the IRS

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dealing-with-the-IRS-4Dealing with the IRS isn’t always pleasant. “We’re from the government and we’re here to help you.” Why does a statement that sounds like it is supposed to be reassuring give you the feeling of dread instead?

It’s the same feeling you get when you’re checking your mail and see an envelope that has a return address to the US Treasury Department. That’s another name for the Internal Revenue Service.

When you get one of these in the mail, you know you’ll be dealing with the IRS shortly.

So what do you do when you have IRS problems? Do you really want to talk to them by yourself ? Any conversations with the IRS can be intimidating, especially when you aren’t knowledgeable about tax processes. Most people who are experiencing some form of IRS income tax trouble do not want to talk to anyone from IRS. They instead decide to not acknowledge the problem. Do you breathe a sigh of relief when another week or month goes by and you haven’t received any threatening letters from the IRS? But you know about the idea of sticking your head in the sand, right? The truth is that ignoring a problem really doesn’t help make it go away. It will always catch up to you.

Wouldn’t it be better to confront your IRS income tax problems? Dealing with the IRS is never an enjoyable experience, but it is way better than waiting to receive a tax levy or garnishment.

IRS Really Does Want To Help You


Believe it or not, IRS employees are VERY good people.

That’s right. Believe it or not most of the people who work at the IRS are decent and hard-working people just like the rest of us. There are a few tips on how to deal with the IRS, and the first one is to remember that these people are not out to get you. They are just doing their jobs. If you’re attitude reflects your disdain, you are already starting off on the wrong foot. The IRS has a customer service group that is highly professional well-trained in how to deal with people who have income tax problems. Through the years the IRS has learned that it is actually in their best interest to work nicely with taxpayers to achieve the best results
IRS can be reached at their Automated Collection Department at 800/829-7650.

Dealing with the IRS means don’t wait too long


Don’t procrastinate. Deal with the IRS now.

It’s better to contact the IRS before they contact you because their way of contact you is often through an unannounced wage garnishment or bank levy. They will take and hold your money until the necessary steps are taken to remedy the situation. These processes can take months to resolves, so try to get in touch with the IRS as soon as possible. Most people won’t wait to file tax returns that would result in refunds. But don’t forget that you only have three years to file your tax return and get your refund check. IRS regulations say that all tax refunds will be forfeited to the federal government if tax returns are filed more than three years late. No exceptions. So always remember to stay up-to-date on filing your tax returns.

Dealing with the IRS means do your research and know your rights


Do your homework and know your rights.

Do some research on subjects that deal with your own particular IRS problems. The IRS website has enormous amounts of tremendously helpful information. You should visit and spend some time reading about some of your issues. Understanding what is happening to your and your fiances with help greatly in dealing with the IRS.

Although the IRS is usually polite and helpful you should remember that it is their ultimate priority to collect the money that you owe them. They have the immediate ability to collect your money with or without your cooperation. One of the best places to begin educating yourself on how to deal with the IRS is their Publication 1 – Your Rights as a Taxpayer. This “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” summarizes your guaranteed protection into ten general categories and explains them to you in fairly detailed but understandable language. You have a set of basic rights and you should be aware of when you are discussing your tax matters with the Internal Revenue Service.

Dealing with the IRS means respond to their notices

The IRS will typically mail warning notices to your last known address that is recorded in their computer system. That address is almost always based on your most recently filed income tax return. IRS Form 8822, Change of Address can be used to inform IRS of a change of address. You can also call IRS and make this change so that you can be sent all IRS notices. However you do it, make sure you complete this action as quickly as possible. Responding to IRS notices quickly will help fix the issue in a timely manner.


Know what information to give and when to keep quiet.

Dealing with the IRS is something a lot of people fear. However, if you follow these tips on how to deal with the IRS, you will able to find the solution to your tax problem in a quick and efficient manner. Always remember that the IRS is made up of people, people who are doing what they were hired to do. Treat them with respect, and your situation with the IRS will be a productive one.




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