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IRS Installment Agreement – many of you who are now paying an IRS Installment Agreement or have paid IRS in the past on a monthly basis know what I am talking about, but let me explain it a bit for the uninitiated. Let’s say you owe IRS $10,000 but cannot afford to pay that amount (or any amount you owe them) completely in one payment. Within certain limits, IRS will agree to allow you to make monthly payments to reduce the total amount you owe them. I often negotiate IRS Installment Agreements as low as $75 per month for taxpayers who owe IRS large amounts.

Once this IRS Installment Agreement negotiation is complete, IRS will usually accept your payments for at least two years or more before attempting to increase it. As long as you continue to make the monthly payments, IRS will not pursue other methods of enforced collection – like an IRS bank levy or IRS wage levy or seizure of cars. However, you must agree to file your subsequent tax returns on time and pay the tax on those returns. If you don’t stay current on your tax returns and payments, then you will default on your IRS Installment Agreement and IRS will begin enforced collection activity all over again.

The information necessary to set up an IRS Installment Agreement is essentially the same as the information provided for an IRS Offer in Compromise. However, an IRS Installment Agreement is easier for me to set up and will cost you significantly less than an IRS Offer in Compromise.

Here’s what I can do to set up your IRS Installment Agreement:

1. Protect your bank accounts.
2. Formulate individualized plans.
3. Negotiate favorable filing deadlines.
4. Negotiate acceptable IRS Installment Agreement payment arrangements.
5. Keep IRS out of your paychecks and bank accounts in the future.
6. Get your levied and frozen funds returned to you so you can pay your bills.
7. Get IRS to agree to accept monthly payments (an IRS Installment Agreement)
on all of your taxes.
8. Show IRS the amount of the payment you are able to pay each month.
9. Keep IRS from demanding a higher and unaffordable monthly payment.
10. Whatever your IRS problem, call me now to find out what can be done to help you.

I will negotiate your IRS Installment Agreement in a matter of days so that you will be able to live normally again.

What to do if you want an IRS Installment Agreement (IA):

2. Be sure to fill out the Contact/Feedback questionnaire page . This will immediately
provide me with your information.
3. Call me toll free at 877/256-3328 and we will personally discuss the bank levy
and your options.
4. I will give you plenty of information whether you choose to use my services or not.
5. If you decide to use me to help set up an IRS Installment Agreement for you,
then you can pay by credit card.
I prefer this arrangement because it gives you as the client the ability to cancel the charge if I am unable to get your levy released. My policy is to completely refund your payment if, for any reason at all, I am unable to get IRS to release your levy, but this arrangement will give you more control and some additional comfort.
6. Download and fill out the IRS Wage Garnishment Release Package at the top
right of this web page.
7. I will then discuss your levy with IRS and also your personal and financial
8. I will prove to IRS that according to their own standards and requirements
 they must establish an Installment Agreement with you.
9. I will get the IRS Installment Agreement set up to begin usually in 60 days.
10. I will call you and tell you that your IA has been set up; the amount of your
monthly payment; and when your first payment will be due.
11. IRS will then cease all enforced collection activity.
12. You’ll be One Happy (and more relaxed) Customer!

If you and I talk about it and you decide to pursue it, I guarantee that I will have you classified into an IRS Installment Agreement, or you will not have to pay me a dime. Period. IRS Installment Agreements are not like an IRS Offer in Compromise, which wipes away all your tax debt.

The most important thing for you to do is contact either myself, or someone else in my field as soon as possible so we can help you before it gets more complicated!

My fee for an IRS Installment Agreement is disclosed here, regardless of the time it takes me to finalize the agreement with IRS.

And remember, I guarantee this service.

If for ANY reason I am unsuccessful in negotiating an IRS Installment Agreement, you will not be required to pay me. I am so confident in my ability to provide you with successful results that I can make this promise to you.

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