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National Internet IRS Tax Solutions We work with IRS for every type of tax related and IRS related collection subject. But we specialize in IRS Wage Levy Releases and Federal Tax Levy Releases and the rare IRS Bank Levy Release. This site contains a lot of the information you need, and it will answer many of your questions about your Wage Levy, IRS Levy, Bank Levy, Federal Tax Levy, IRS Tax Garnishment, IRS Offer in Compromise, IRS Installment Agreement, IRS Currently Non Collectible Status, and more. Although we specialize in IRS Wage Levy Releases and the services necessary to get them, you will see that we can help you solve most of your other IRS problems as well.

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A Typical Wage Levy Scenario

A Typical Wage Levy Scenario….

30 days ago (more like 60 or more), you should have received an IRS Notice of Intent to Levy and you probably just put it aside like most people do since they don’t like to deal with issues as serious a an IRS Tax Garnishment. Or maybe you forgot or ignored your IRS Tax Levy Garnishment warning. It’s possible that you never received it – lots of people never receive these notices (mostly because they have changed addresses several times over the last several years and IRS doesn’t know their current addresses).

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I really don’t know where to begin. I started off with good intentions, but one thing led to another, and the next you know I hadn’t filed in so long I didn’t dare file (Actually, as far back as 2001) . I was so scared that if I filed & had nothing to give them that my life would be over. It was all I could do to keep my head above water and I didn’t have much extra. Well they ......Read More